This is the home of the Buffy Revisited Podcast and where we take a closer look at the episodes to help you get the most from the show.

Each episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer gets researched and a podcast, blog and episode guide is created for each and every episode of the TV show we all know and love. The episode guides are compiled into season guides and Season Guide Episode 1 is HERE for you to view and share as you please.

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Be sure to check out the podcast where we play and discuss soundbytes from the show as I test Brooke’s Buffy trivia as she is just re-watching the series and is not allowed to research the details. Each episode goes for about an hour long and is focused on the details of the story itself with the behind the scenes discussion kept only to interesting items.

Podcasts can be played directly on the website HERE or subscribed in iTunes or by rss feed (you will need to scroll down to get to the links on that feed page) to automatically download new episodes to your iPhone or media player for enjoyment while exercising, commuting or my favourite doing housework.

Even though it takes a lot of time each week to prepare and publish the podcast episodes I get great fulfilment by getting more from the show that I love. The idea of the podcast came to me when I re-watched the series with my wife and we fell into the trap a lot of people do when discovering something great or revisiting something you love. We marathoned the entire series in the space of a couple of weeks and while I was glad to introduce Camille to the world of Buffy it was clear that we didn’t savour it. That lead me to the internet and I was soon bothering my wife with additional discussion points and greater perspective gained from the Buffy community online. That’s when I decided that it may not be perfect but I could do a podcast that helps old and new fans of the show get the most from the show when they don’t have the time to research it themselves. Hopefully the podcast will prompt further discussion through the comments page on each episode blog and ultimately grow the community.

When checking out what fans were searching for about Buffy it seemed that the fans of the show were mostly searching for where they can stream online episodes of the show so thats why I have made the home base at buffythevampireslayerepisodes.com. By filling this need I may be able to bring more fans to the podcast and make more people savour the show.

I also provide some video reviews of Buffy merchandise which will give people the chance to sample in HD the products and request reviews. To support the show you can purchase these products the way you normally would through the links at no additional cost. In fact, any of the links on the site besides the community page are affiliate links where I may get commission should you use them. If you don’t do it then I will have a hard time convincing Camille that the merchandise reviews aren’t just an elaborate excuse to buy Buffy stuff.

I look forward to hearing what you think of Buffy.

Slay you later


ps. If you want to know how I made this website I made checklists and instructional videos for myself so I wouldn’t forget and have posted them HERE with affiliate links if you choose to use the same products that I used to create this website. You too can make a fan website.