Status Updates – Are you missing the point?

by pledgeto on July 19, 2013

By Clinton Aitkenhead


I’m all for sharing as long as it’s your opinion. It’s not interesting to hear that you have gone somewhere but it is to know what you thought, how it felt, or what you “liked” about it. These are all things that sound obvious but are mistakes most people make with social media.

If all you share is where you are (usually the moment you arrive there) the message will be received as humble bragging or if the recipient is really disinterested the response will be “who cares”. It speaks to why it is that you are sending it out in the first place. People can see through it if you are being selfish. Alternatively they can misinterpret it if you were just rushed, lazy, or simply hadn’t put any thought into it.

Everyone has an internet friend whose “facebook life” pretends to be a lot happier or glamorous than their real life. If they are a real life friend or family member then you know that the person is not really fooling anyone but some of us enable these people by liking their posts anyway. Sometimes (be honest) this may be to secure a return like for when you post a humble brag yourself.

If you fit this description it is not too late for you, you do have valuable opinions you are just not sharing them. Savor the experience at the time and forward your pic through after the event with properly considered thoughts and stories of what it was you liked.

This is this detail that is truly interesting and your friends are worth the effort. Your real life friends and internet friends will both respond positively if you do. You are simply sharing with them how you have being enlightened by that event. You have provided some value to the reader as they value your opinion. It is a true status update of not just where you are but how you are.


The Lost Art of Savoring Entertainment

by pledgeto on July 19, 2013

By Clinton Aitkenhead

Lost Art

Let me just start by getting something off my chest – marathoning television series is nothing to brag about. It’s a common thing in this era of hard drive recorders and bittorrenting and a lot of people are missing the point. The time saving and being able to recall details from recent episodes are an advantage but it comes at a price. The main loss is the gratification from discussion of the episode with other people in order to fully explore the details and perspectives.

This is what separates true fans from the late-comers as they have had a week break between episodes to ponder the impacts and anticipate whats to come. Hollywood has long been aware of the affects that discussion has on the box office. Movies like Inception and Looper are deliberately ambiguous to enable multiple interpretations which generates discussion.

You can still have this discussion of the content whether even if you are discovering an old series for the first time or re-watching a show you loved from years ago. After any book, movie or tv show now I will hit the internet to read other peoples opinion and to be enlightened as to what I may have missed. It is simply the only way to get the most from each experience and is a wasted opportunity if its not done.

Another popular way to do this if you are time poor is to listen to a fan podcast during your daily commute or exercise. This enables both old and new fans of the show get the most from the series without needing to spend hours researching on the internet. So next time you think of marathoning an entire season of a show check itunes for a podcast or look on the internet for a guide or wikia site dedicated to it before consuming the next episode. Do this and you are guaranteed to gain a greater appreciation for the show and have learnt the Lost art of Savoring Entertainment.