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buffy revisited blog episode 85

by pledgeto on July 7, 2015


Show Notes

Blood kin counts for nothing without respect. Protecting your family. Buffy is moving home to protect hers, and Tara’s family are acting to protect theirs. Family extends beyond bloodline. When the authority of a parent over a child is abused. Being accepted by your peers. You don’t have to “get” people to care about and accept them.

Metaphor – Living as a Community. Parental acceptance of a childs choices. Growing up in a cult and coming of age where you are made to marry. Family acceptance of homosexuality.

Initial thoughts – I am actually enjoying Riley’s spiral. Every step is toward his greatest fears all along that they are gradually becoming less close. It is tearing him up yet Buffy doesn’t even notice. Writing and performance did a great job of conveying that menacing atmosphere of emotional abuse and control through subtle condescending, dominant and threatening tone to terrify people. I was quite shocked at the Spike fantasy dream sequence and climax scene. Wow. That was quite explicit. Thought it worked as a situational drama episode with the separate plots crossing each other to create the tension. Didn’t quite reach a moment for me though as the grand statement wasn’t perfectly timed and the extra dramatic turn looked daytime soap. Also not taken by the magic dancing as others may have been.

Father used intimidation to control his kin. The brother threatens physically and the cousin abuses emotionally. Beth is bought in so much to being their slave that she doesn’t falter even when the truth is revealed and she could be free herself. She can’t comprehend them having to do for themselves.

Glory – Recruits demons as they follow her also like they are brainwashed. Considers Slayers to be commoners and that she is above doing the legwork herself when there is obviously clothes shopping to do (similar to Harmony again).

Buffy – Has her spidey senses tuned to feel the demons without seeing them (follows on from last week with Spike). Shares Dawn news the same night with Giles and the fact that she doesn’t trust Riley with the news is further proof she has no faith in him as her partner. Is overprotective of Dawn and doesn’t credit Riley noticing as he is wrong because he doesn’t know the truth.

Dawn – Showed signs that she is on board with the gang, even if she comes across as the annoying sidekick.

Riley – Is further distanced as he knows he is out of an important loop. His love is so great he cannot be patient. Can detect a vampire, and has no problem with leaving them be.

Spike – Still fantasies about Buffy and shudders at Harmony’s stupidity. Saves Buffy’s life but it is not witnessed by anyone as he too is invisible. He tries to impress Buffy by being prepared to feel pain in order to help the gang. Oversells that he doesn’t care at all to overcompensate.

Willow – Not too convincing a performance here.

Tara – Taglarin mythic rites line stated that an insect reflection meant the person was insignificant in terms of their carbon cycle.

Xander – He is bonding more with Riley, teaching him some fun.

Anya – Resents having to help move despite them doing it for her a little while ago.

Giles – Protects Dawn by subtly hiding her under a desk.

Comedy standout scenes or lines
How come Xander didn’t laugh.
I don’t care what happens.
You’re a piece of work, I like you.
She’s a hair puller.
You two stop that.
I believe you are both profoundly stupid.
There could be outfits.
Did I miss any exposition?
Gift basket.

Pop culture references
American History X had a kerb stomp like Buffy did to a demon here.
Bawdy French Farce
Miss Congeniality is a Sandra Bullock movie.

Drama / Acting
Sombre moment with Giles at the beginning.
Come through us line at the end.

Violence / Special Effects things we liked
Liked how the demons looked and their creepy tongue.
Spikes dream fight was a slugfest with a wired backflip.
Thought the invisible fighting was cut very well to look realistic.
Magic also holds up.
Willow getting thrown looks ok. Xander thrown looks good.

Bloopers / Hidden things
The magic shop door remains ajar for a while before becoming closed all of a sudden.
Spike doesn’t recover properly from the backflip kick, and double roundhouse.
Bedside light turns off without Tara doing it.
Buffy would have heard Spike say you’re welcome.

Precursors / Continuity
Xanders line about it’s right in front of us and we’re too blind to see it foreshadows what happens later.
Story about the lonely kitty nobody wanted.
Revealed why Tara sabotaged previously.
Vampire Sandy was bitten by Vampire Willow in Doppelgangland.
Last of Kitty Fantastico who was killed accidentally with a crossbow off screen.
Taras birthday Oct 16 was on her gravestone in “Help”
Hank Summers lives in Spain with his secretary.
Gifts wrapped in Giles store again mentioned.
Buffy’s instinct about the others being weird about Dawn is insightful as it comes true in the “Blood Ties” episode.
Anya refers to being hurt recently.
Spike is there to see the Slayer die in “The Gift”

That Glory or the demon was going to get Ben.
That the barkeep was talking to Spike.

Work off the tension crosses to Spikes fantasy..
Oh I’m coming crosses to you know what.
I figured she’d call us – crosses to her and Giles.

Interesting points or facts
The original script had (no jokes please) written behind the description that Tara was in the closet.
Amy Adams played SMG’s character in Cruel Intentions 2.
French Title “Blood Ties”
First and only Tara centric episode.

They could see Tara before she reversed the spell so she wasn’t a demon before they tested with Spike. How could they see Anya immediately after the spell? Why didn’t they attack Willow when she opened the door if they did not know of the spell anyway. (they saw an opportunity for a surprise attack)

Presumably the spell went wrong because it was to make her demonhood invisible and when the spell didn’t land on it’s target because she wasn’t a demon it defaulted to all demons. This has happened before on the show.

Xander should be able to relate to Tara now that the both have crappy parents.

This may explain Tara’s stutter a bit also if she has been constantly flustered in her upbringing.

Is Spike ever asked what he was doing there, he was also there when Buffy said “we’re family” which implies that she accepts him somewhat. Riley is notably absent.

Mocking alcohol scene didn’t work. Did it reveal that Riley was underage drinking?

Childish gibberish lesbian talk didn’t work for me.


When relatives arrive in Sunnydale, to celebrate her birthday, Tara uses a magic spell on her friends to keep them from learning her “secret.” Meanwhile, Glory unleashes a hoard of demons to hunt down Buffy.


One Lei-Ach demon, killed by Spike
One Lei-Ach demon, head crushed by Buffy
One Lei-Ach demon, neck crushed on the stairs steps by Buffy.


buffy revisited blog episode 84

by pledgeto on June 30, 2015

No place like home

Show Notes

Finding a place to call home. Glory is fighting to return home. Anya has found her place at the shop and the gang has a new HQ. Joyce insisting on being where she is most comfortable. What is reality. What would you overlook for family.

Metaphor – Is ignorance bliss.

Initial thoughts – Solid Origin Story episode that sets up the season with the odd moment also. Good introduction of a charismatic and challenging big bad for the season while exposing the reality of Buffy’s suspicion and her love for her family above everything else. A little by the numbers here but shows some natural performances through the touching reactions by the lead. I also love the production style depicting the trance state and would love to see more as it pushes the high level concept. I like how they got us to feel so horrible for finding Dawn annoying when she innocently describes herself when trying to be mean to Buffy which was a nice payoff after weeks of build up. Some may have still been dumbfounded by the explanation of Dawn but it is all laid out here, it may have taken a repeat watch or follow-up explanation to the scoobies for most to click with the complexity.

Baddy – Glory or Glorificus or the Beast, Abomination, or That which cannot be named and lastly the Sweaty-naughty-feelings-causing one. A powerful goddess from a hell dimension that has been banished to earth in a human form forced to share a body with a human child who was created solely to contain her. She has superhuman strength and speed and is near invulnerable.
To return to her own dimension she needs to find the Key which is a mystical energy nexus.
She is easily distracted by matters of vanity and takes an orgasmic pleasure in sucking victims of life.

Buffy – Makes no effort to make Riley feel needed yet brags about doing him to her sister. Envious of Dawn at the beginning, she never had piano lessons or a pet name. Decides to keep news of Dawn to herself for now proving how protective she is of her. It was a nice payoff after wishing she was an only child earlier. Is fearing the reality of Joyce’s illness being something she can’t defend.

Dawn – She forgives Buffy for getting physical with her and bonds with Buffy in their concern over Joyce. Is called Little Pumpkin Belly and Sleepyhead by Joyce. She has taken over Xander’s job as being the one to spill the beans.

Joyce – Is holding it together without wanting to make a fuss. Wonders if 14 year old Dawn is pregnant.

Riley – His concerns are immediately proven correct as Buffy treats him like someone she has to manage like her sister and everyone knows Buffy does not want him patrolling.

Spike – He is stalking Buffy as vamps with a crush are .

Willow – Persuaded Giles to wear the wizard costume. Gives good advice to Buffy about going easy on her.

Tara – Did not appear.

Xander – Prefers the library over a crowd.

Anya – Gets her first job at the magic box and contributes with the suggestion of the Trance to resolve the threat. She is a natural at retail including gift wrapping.

Giles – Officially opens the magic box and has the last effort to act goofy crushed by Buffy who doesn’t want that from him. He has his earring but offset with better clothes than he used to have. I liked how he still put the scoobying first despite such an important day for him.

Comedy standout scenes or lines
It’s so shiny.
Please go.
7 day background check for Hand of Glory.
Glory’s exaggerated creeping up on Buffy.
Pause to allow Giles to get over the wizard thing.
Hand over fist.

Pop culture references
Title refers to “The Wizard of Oz”.
Riley refers to the Danger Room which is where the X-men train.
Radioactive spider bite refers to Peter Parker.
Vampire wears a German Heavy Metal band shirt “Accept”.
Oprah Winfrey Show.
Iron Chef.

Drama / Acting
Dawns theory.

Violence / Special Effects things we liked
Liked the barroom brawl style at the start and the private property sign getting punched showing how hard the straight right hit Buffy’s nose later. She ultimately overpowered him as he projected his shots.
The bent sign also is a fraction of the bent steel door Glory punches in later which was great effects.
The sapping of life was dated but not terrible.

Loved the saturated and sepia’d trance state and disappearing photo. Especially escalating it to Dawn and her whole bedroom. It holds up today and was my highlight for the episode.

Building collapse and cracks looked good.

Bloopers / Hidden things
Boom mic when Buffy apologises to Dawn and also when Buffy steps into the sand.
Wires are seen when Buffy is sent flying.
Bens lips sync is out when mentioning her muscles.
Buffy goes from down to standing before she head butts Glory.
Joyce reads a magazine with a SMG ad in it.
The private property sign is straight later after it was punched earlier.

Precursors / Continuity
Glory mentions someone sits on a tuffet, meaning that somewhere in her crazy mind she knows Dawn is the key as Dawn was referred to as Miss Tuffet twice before. This supports also that the victims she makes crazy and that crazy homeless man could also see the key.
Security Guard appears again in future episode.
Fading photo happen again in episode “The Watcher”.
Buffy does actually rip the bell off in the “Life Serial” episode.
Cordelia and her poor attitude is referenced.
Joyce mentioning how grown up Buffy is is a precursor for
Dagon Sphere is used in future episode.
Close up on Glory’s high heels when we first meet her.
Anya’s entitled behavior sets up for Glory’s spoilt at getting her own way attitude.
I am so telling sets up for Dawns motivation to beat Buffy to her mother.

That Dawn was menacingly threatening to harm Joyce and that the Tea was poisoned. It turned out to be just first to dob or suck up to mum.
That it was Buffy who smashed the door in but it was Glory.
The teaser included the “Boy is she in for a surprise” which set up the suspicion about Dawn.

The hand of glory comment while Buffy’s fight is going on.
Doing anything too rash crosses to Buffy fighting a god.

Interesting points or facts
Buffy only refers to Spike as William 3 times, once when talking about wedding invitations, this episode, and when they finally break up.
This was the highest rated episode for the season.
French Title – Enemy Sisters.
Brazillian Title – Theres no place like our home.
ASH played a wizard in Merlin.

Little bit of a convenience to have the building collapse and allow escape but I can live with it. It will be interesting to see how they avoid the obvious power difference and shield the gang from Glory’s wrath.

I like Clare Kramer’s performance especially when she was crazy.

I loved Dawn being annoying during the trance and how creepy it started with the photos then escalating it to the surrounding in her bedroom.

If Buffy truly suspected Dawn was a threat to Joyce wouldn’t she call one of the gang to keep watch.

Online theory was Joyce’s brain tumor resulted from having to process the new world created around her.

Liked the repeated “Buffy’s not a kid” references like the ravers line which build up the season growth for her.

Buffy diving three stories possibly killed that monk.

Loved how it ended with Buffy sitting in the room she knows isn’t real and not caring a bit about that.

In the end Buffy acknowledges the loyalty and maturity shown by Dawn not to dob on her to her mother for getting rough with her. So she returns that loyalty with care. It turns out Dawn was trying to match her older sister by making tea the way Buffy made breakfast.

Glow ball was a bit coincidental.


Buffy learns more about Dawn after she discovers a mysterious orb linked to a group of monks being pursued by an incredibly powerful force.


Two monks, tortured and killed by Gloryficus
One vampire, dusted by Buffy
The last monk, tortured by Glorificus and dies having been saved by Buffy.


buffy revisited blog episode 83

by pledgeto on June 9, 2015

Out of my mind

Show Notes

Hidden feelings. (Rylie’s insecurities and Spikes love) Things physically inside your head. (Joyce’s tumour and Spikes’ chip)

Metaphor – Don’t mistakenly trust Allies, judge their motives.

Initial thoughts – Worse episode ever. Poor production value, unwieldy dialogue, unconvincing performances, lacking of pace, pointless scenes serving a dull forgettable plot. The only thing I appreciated was some clever reveals in an otherwise boring establishment episode.

Baddy – Harmony kills for Spike and is new to smoking.

Buffy – Doesn’t like men cramping her slayer style and feels Riley is incapable of patrolling alone. Is grateful that Giles has incorporated her into his shop plans and of Xanders efforts. She is tested by unexpected tragedy here and copes well as other unexpected dramas pile on. She deals with Riley’s issues by re-assuring him that she is his to touch whenever he likes. She is attentive and gentle with him at the end at least.

Dawn – Potentially saved Riley’s life by discovering his heart beat.

Joyce – I am not sure at this stage if she is aware of her illness or not.

Riley – His enthusiasm to spar is ignored by Buffy and he notices her missing the fact he has extra strength is proof she pays him no attention. He is not coping well with his newfound strength and illness and believes that he needs to be able to stand up to Buffy to be an equal partner like Angel was. He turns to self harm in frustration. He is again left hanging when sharing his love of her as she only talks about needing him. She never once told him she loved him, she said “tell me about it” when he said it once and told Angel she loved someone but never told him.
He must come to terms with his inability to lead if he stays with her. He also feels remorse for not being the perfect boyfriend at the end when realising the timing of it all with Buffy having to care for her mother. He also feels abandoned that Buffy left him alone at the hospital when his family is out of town. Buffy always played nurse for Angel when he needed it.

Spike – Has a perfect opportunity squandered here. He really does care about Harmony enough to protect her.

Willow – Had little to add besides childish catchphrases and some solo magic.

Tara – Did nothing except show concern for Willows’ magic.

Xander – Did nothing. Was trying to influence without revealing his secret the same way Willow did in previous episodes and it is missed by all of them.

Anya – Did nothing.

Giles – Did nothing. Gave Xander credit for his carpentry.

Comedy standout scenes or lines
Taste your own nose blood.
Having trouble working lighter, obeying rules.

Pop culture references
Spike is watching Dawsons Creek.
Q from James Bond.
Q from Star Trek.
CIA plots against Castro.
Suit up is a superhero reference.
French revolution discussions.

Drama / Acting
Riley wake up to yourself speech.

Violence / Special Effects things we liked
Liked the underground dusting.
Riley threw the vamp nearly onto a roof.
Slayers get stronger with age.
Spike gets flipped over by an uppercut.
Riley fight with initiative was bar-room brawl style with throws.
Riley bodyslammed Harmony who improvised with stool and used front kicks.

Bloopers / Hidden things
Harmony reflection behind her when she fires crossbow.
Graham calls the Sunnydale Memorial the Sunnydale General.
The tombstone Spike smashed had Mama on it hinting at Joyce.
Couple of no smoking signs in the background.

Precursors / Continuity
Ben is met here.
Last appearance of the highschool.
Spikes love is revealed.
Joyces’ health problems.
Buffy precursor mentioning that she would date Spike.
“Can’t you see she doesn’t love you” is precursor to what Spike will be hearing in future.
“has to live” line was said to “all the guys” by Buffy to Angel.

That Buffy was really kissing Spike.
That the chip had been removed.
That Spike was doing the mission to save Riley.

You know he is doing something nasty goes to 20 questions.
He’s not worried crosses to Buffy being worried.
This has got to end crosses to Riley.

Interesting points or facts
Marc Blucas was a pro basketball player before acting.
Mercedes and others have appeared on Dawsons Creek.
French Title – When Spike gets mixed up in it.
Brazilian Title – Out of Control
Nickelback “Breathe” was used.
SMG was Maybeline advert girl at the time the “Shampoo commercial hair” line was made.

Liked Marc Blucas’ performance only.
Like how Spikes’ rubbish TV was used as a pickup line on Harmony a few weeks back.
Fall into the grave fell flat and has been used before.
How did Buffy imagine Spike was going to convince Riley to go to the hospital, he couldn’t force him?
Buffy never confronts Spike about what happened and the dead security guard, all is forgotten next episode.
Wouldn’t Spike just heal if the chopped his chip out?
No blood, shaving or incision with Spikes operation?
Hated “if you tell me to hurry” line and “poor Riley” line.


While Riley’s health begins to deteriorate, Spike and Harmony force a surgeon to remove the behavior modification chip embedded in Spike’s brain.


Two vampires, dusted by Buffy
One vampire, dusted by Riley
One security guard, killed by Harmony.


buffy revisited blog episode 82

by pledgeto on May 26, 2015

The Replacement

Show Notes

Awkwardness and Denial. Our strengths and weaknesses and how we all are a ratio of these. Are you really in love or has your denial found a replacement girlfriend or boyfriend for that person you haven’t found yet? If you discovered your love was unrequited would you tap out or enjoy it while it lasted? If you suspected a friend was in denial would you talk to them about it or enable their denial?

We all have strengths and weaknesses and the ratio of these vary with time.

Confusing the difference between needing someone and being in love with them.

Metaphor – The grown-up and the child that exist inside everyone. Taking the good with the bad for better or worse. We mature from procrastination to drive. We can be our own worse influence.

Initial thoughts – I found portions of this episode fell flat but do like the original premise and the use of it. Works well to get the audience to empathise with Xander seeing him fight the odds as he is trapped in the failure/pessimistic/clumsy/depressing/joking/insecure version of himself yet rises above.

Baddy – Toth demon known to use tools and to sweep around with sofistication. Doesn’t waste time with any distraction from his true mission.

Buffy – Doesn’t say it back when Riley offers his love unconditionally then seems to doubt he is being honest about her slaying commitments. She is doing some reading for school.

Dawn – Is immaturely tormenting like a pest.

Joyce – Just dealing with teenage daughters calmly.

Riley – Is fascinated by the research potential. Questions whether he is in denial about Buffy’s true feelings for him. He bonds with Xander through their common unrequited love for Buffy.

Spike – Feelings toward Buffy are escalating and he will fight them with forced hatred.

Willow – She let Xander prove he was him without any reason to. Does not believe Xander is in love with Anya.

Tara – Not in episode.

Xander – Proof that Xander has the potential to be successful but is distracted by childish desire for fun. He could benefit from focussing on a goal. Proof also that Xander does well at a regular job and impresses enough to get promoted. He realises also that he can lay down some heavy game if he put his mojo on it. He didn’t have a key into his own home?

Anya – Perhaps see’s Xander as more of the adult version of himself. At least she prefers that. Is adventurous with the idea of multiple sexual partners and is not embarrassed to go there. She refers to herself as Xanders slave and owns a gun.

Giles – Is prone to exaggeration.

Comedy standout scenes or lines
Critiquing the kung-fu movie.
They’re not recycling.

Pop culture references
A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Star Trek line was used and episode is similar to The Enemy Within episode where Kirk Split into two emotional halves. Babylon 5 commemorative plates never actually went into production. Klingon costume was mentioned.
Duel of the Iron Fist was the Kung-Fu movie.
Ultimate driving machine is a BMW ad campaign.

Drama / Acting
Riley’s revelation at the end was touching.

Violence / Special Effects things we liked
Loved the production design of Toth.
Liked the kick Spike did to the dummy.
Carpet zap looked good.
Buffy kicked to get him down then teamed up to stab him.
Toth used head butts and backhands and throws.

Bloopers / Hidden things
Anya referred to wanting a car when she already had one.
No ear protection with circular saw.

Precursors / Continuity
Snoopy dance.
Dawns headache a precursor to her brain tumour.
Evil twin “Vamp” Willow was mentioned.
Checking if Xander was a robot foreshadows Buffybot.
Xander’s crush on Buffy was mentioned.
The first of many promotions for Xander in construction.
Ice skating obsession mentioned.

That Xander didn’t know how long he worked at the site and wanting to kill the other one immediately. (which is a bit of a cheat when you do find out)
Xander envy of Rileys’ relationship at the beginning only to later be informed by Riley that Xander’s is better.
Becoming suddenly human, I think I may understand.
Very soon you won’t be thinking about getting older?

Who uses a caldron – crosses to a cauldron.
It was distinctive – crosses to the dump.
Xander calling Buffy and her saying they hung up.
They have no idea – crosses to them not knowing.
It was Toth crosses to A robot.
You better get the one who is actually crosses to “a demon”.

Interesting points or facts
Toth was renamed to work in the british slang gag.
Nicholas Brendan’s real life twin brother was used and only spoke in scenes with both talking.
French Title – The Double.
Brazillian Title – The Substitution.
Toth actor once played Freddie Krueger.

They captured the enormity of the step that this is for Xander to move out given he will have no support from his family. He wants to make the move but has no fall back if he finds out later that he can’t afford it.

I loved how they played with the who is the real Xander speculation for a bit and how they got us to side with the funny useless half.

Quite a smart plan by the demon who was a real threat if he could just aim properly.

Could Xander have been motivated by take charge Harmony from last week.

Liked the subtle use of awkwardness to show that everyday life on the show isn’t all perfect. Eg. The couples interacting in Xanders basement, discussing the fan, Anya arguing and insulting Xander, Buffy and Riley getting busted, Anya openly discussing three-some plans.

Has Buffy’s feelings for Riley been lessened by the introduction of Dawn and that is what he is reacting too?

Why didn’t they use this wand on other enemies?

Why did the demon leave after he hit xander? Did he need to recharge his wand.

It was a bit neglectful to let Xander out of their sight to go to Anya in his condition.


When a demon creates a Xander double, the real Xander must convince his friends of his true identity.


Toth, killed by Buffy with a sword.


buffy revisited blog episode 81

by pledgeto on May 19, 2015

Real Me

Show Notes

Reputations and whether to trust them or how to change them.
Careful what you’re jealous of, things aren’t always as they seem. Common opinion does not mean unanimous, you should take everyone seriously whether they deserve it or not. This looks at the difference between reality, what you experience and what you recall happened. If everyone remembers something happened then isn’t a new reality created where it really happened. The real dawn is our memories of her. Trying to have your own identity, not just Buffy’s sister or Spikes girlfriend.

Metaphor – Growing up and handling unexpected responsibility. Balance between protectiveness and respectfulness.

Initial thoughts – I liked how the audience is dropped into this new world that is accepted by the characters and that is more than just a one off like Jonathan was. It changes the balance of the show and gives an alternate POV to each of the main cast. This episode however is somewhat of a throw away establishment episode. Entertaining but not thought provoking. I liked how despite how inept Harmony’s gang were it went to remind us how dangerous it is outside your house.

Baddy – Harmony – Is taking control of her life and making an attempt to lead but does not have an original thought except that she will be taken seriously if she kills the slayer. She is a combination of Dawn and Buffy’s predicaments.

Buffy – Is irritated and cranky and jealous of her sister getting all of Joyce’s attention and how little responsibility Dawn has compared to her. She wishes she could be coddled in the same way and to spare her mother she lets dawn get away with taking her bowl, cereal and milk and doesn’t react to her provocation. Ultimately sparing her mother has a negative effect in that Dawn never has to be responsible for her actions and gets away with it.

Dawn – Dawn is jealous that Buffy got the superpowers and thinking she would do it in style and wear a costume (that’s as deep as she has thought about it). She feels alone and left out and trapped in protection yet not noticed or asked for opinions.

Joyce – Makes it clear to Buffy that she expects her to put Dawn first before anything else and holds he responsible for keeping her innocence.

Riley – Has a go with the flow attitude free from disappointment when he is forgotten by Buffy.

Spike – Inadvertently gives Harmony a plan when he is trying to warn her to stay away from Buffy. He genuinely worries about Harmony and refers to Buffy as a dish.

Willow – Is Dawns favourite aunt.

Tara – Still feels like an outsider.

Xander – Is Dawns crush and the only one that doesn’t treat her like a kid.

Anya – Is patronising toward Dawn and does not see her as a threat.

Giles – Has unwavering interest in the shop as he starts to build a long term life in Sunnydale with a new car to reinvent himself. Loved how shallow and proud of his car he was, wanting to show it off.

Many don’t, but I like the Dawn character. It brings that alternative and younger perspective. She serves to galvanise the gang to protect her despite whatever differences they may have in that episode. Any annoying hanger on traits do become tiresome for the audience but I like how this tests the main casts patience also as a touch of unavoidable reality to ground them.

Comedy standout scenes or lines
When you try to be bad you suck.
Made me go upstairs.
Breaking up with your car.
Pay for things they never return.
Let us never speak of it.
Brad the vampire giving Xander the finger acting like he’s still in high school.
Smily face on the note.

Pop culture references
Buffy is a fan of George Clooney.
This is Spinal Tap is a mockumentary film.
Hogwarts is a Harry Potter reference to the book as the film was a year later.
Probably deceased census taker is a reference to The Silence of the Lambs movie where he referred to eating a census takers liver.
Passions TV series from 1999.
Star Wars Yoda training Luke scene similar to Giles/Buffy both are distracted by their sister.
Evil for Dummies refers to the “for dummies” book series.

Drama / Acting
The unspoken tension of proximity at breakfast.
Bitefest, fangclub, sire whipped.

Violence / Special Effects things we liked
Drunk man putting his finger on your lips is gross.
Buffy used kicks to combat against a larger opponent and improvised with objects.

Bloopers / Hidden things
Tara and Dawn outsider scene has boom mic.
A mans hand is seen on Giles’ car at the end of the scene.
Giles’ left hand changes position on the ledger.
Giles’s says sit down before his lips move.
There is a post sticking up from the right hand side of the car.

Precursors / Continuity
Curds and Whey line refers to Faiths line from Graduation Day Part 2. Dawns crush on Xander leads to their eventual kiss in Season 8 and relationship in 9.
Two other magic shop owners have died on the show.
This is the start of Anya’s obsession with cash.
Xander being called a hair puller refers to the awkward fight he had with her previously.
Tara’s guilty look when called one of the good guys is a precursor to upcoming episode.
The drama class was mentioned first in “Restless”.

The ending seemed to suggest that Dawn knew what she was or the Buffy was at least not aware of what Dawn thinks she is. We know in hindsight “The real me” she refers to may be her private feelings and thoughts that you share with your diary.

Unholy creature that fancies cheap statuary crosses to Harmony.
Anya looking down on Dawn crosses to “Poor Dawn”.
Happily looking out for her crosses to Buffy ranting.
Waited on crosses to hand and foot.
Buffy is not going to be happy crosses to Buffy laughing.
Nobody feels worse than her right now crosses to Harmony wingeing.
I know you’re in there crosses to what do you mean she’s not in there.

Interesting points or facts
Eight main characters is the most of Buffy or Angel.
Tom Lenk played Cyrus here but plays Andrew later.
French Title – Jealousies.
Brazillian Title – My True I
Dawn was originally intended to have the power to speak to the dead and move objects with her mind.
JW stated that Dawn was created so that Buffy’s love interest would not be a boyfriend.
Dawns original age was meant to be 12 but changed to 14 to suit MT age.

They are training in the back room of the shop at the start of the episode when Giles has not yet bought it.

I liked the subtle incorrect word selection that the writers use to give harmony the adorable dumb character like her telling Spike to drop dead, skimming through the book jackets, at last we meet, .

Dawn has actually changed the past not just memories as Joyce is now aware of Tara and Willow in this new world who appear to be dressing a lot more hippy-like.

SMG laughing on cue was not very convincing.

The negative reactions to Dawns introduction to the series is a byproduct of pushing the limits of storytelling. If it was a device to explain away something then I too would feel cheated. The difference here is that the show runner planned to risk his audience with this high concept. Our main protagonist from this point can never continue to be same person we knew and loved. The audience also needs to be reassured that Dawn will not undermine the stories they lived with those characters. Endless “where was she when” scenarios will also go unexplained in this new universe and the creators are careful to not use this as a deus ex machina for new stories. Finally by introducing this as a possibility in this story world then there is the chance that an audience will not be prepared to risk their investment in future stories as they could potentially mean nothing or be wiped clean in this world. Similarly the audience will also be cautious to embrace Dawn’s character as it is set up to potentially be undermined or reversed at any time. It is handled well here and in Angel.


As Harmony and her vampire gang plot Buffy’s demise, Dawn adjusts to life with a Slayer.


Mr Bogarty, killed by Harmony’s gang
Cyrus, dusted by Buffy
Peaches, dusted by Buffy
Brad, beheaded by Buffy
Mort, dusted by Buffy with a unicorn.


buffy revisited blog episode 80

by pledgeto on May 12, 2015

Buffy vs Dracula

Show Notes

Coming to terms with reality and embracing the truth or a darker side of yourself. Overconfidence leads to dismissiveness and underestimation.

Metaphor – Is a killer just a killer.

Initial thoughts – They really lost their mojo between seasons here. The acting between all lacked chemistry, the directing dragged the scenes out unnecessarily, screenplay lacked substance and had unfulfilling climax with no solution, plot was convenient, character development predictable, the comedy was overplayed, no horror or real threats, music was campy, makeup was poor even on Willow, costumes were poor (Xanders outfits and Dracula) quirky things and the meetings seemed tedious, dialogue unnaturally wrapping things up at the end, . Felt no connection to the plot or Giles leaving subplot.

Baddy – Dracula is attracted to the darkness within Buffy and thinks that Buffy will realise her truth within if she drinks him and join the darkness. He underestimated the Slayers true nature which is to hunt, specifically his kind which breaks her of the thrall.

Buffy – Can’t sleep and has taken to hunt/patroling at night. Just seems to treat Riley like one of the gang and is dismissive and dishonest. She’s curious about her power being born from an inner darkness and hunting urges which leads her to explore other disgusting urges like tasting blood.

Riley – Is emasculated by a football (though he takes it better than in the past) then has a jealous reminder that he can’t trust Buffy. He wants to be needed by Buffy the way Giles does. He resorts to death threats with Spike.

Spike – Underestimated Riley and even has to admit he is helpless against him. Dismisses Dracula’s powers as gypsy tricks and underestimates gypsy’s despite them being the ones who cursed Angel.

Willow – Seemed to resent being a sidekick. Can’t keep a secret and gets a bit relentless with the Giles stuff.

Tara – Has no role in this except to notice Willow too was attracted to Dracula.

Xander – Had been somewhat taken by Dracula before he is recruited after he was caught out at the start. Has a moment of determination to no longer be the easy target. Resents being a comedy sidekick.

Giles – Gives little preparation to battle Dracula so he will have to lift his game to satisfy his purpose that he wanted so much.

Comedy standout scenes or lines
Xander eating Bugs.
Anya a fan of Dracula then locked in a closet.
Giles helpless to the sisters.
Dark equals dinner bell.
No penetration.
You are strange and off putting.

Pop culture references
Sesame Street.
Interview with a Vampire.
The Horse Whisperer.
Lestat reference.

Drama / Acting
The connections to Angel and Buffy defending herself.
Buffy panicking a bit when she was thralled.

Violence / Special Effects things we liked
First fight scene did look like more of a hunt and kill to chase them down. I loved the size of that cemetery and the sprint across it. Round house, leg sweeps, and a cartwheel attack kick was good.
2nd fight was punching mainly before she took some hits and decided to take his back then judo throw him down.
Riley’s punch to Xander was very well done.
Draculas uppercut and Buffy’s follow up tackle was good, he liked to backhand and her throw high up against the wall was good. Dusting wasn’t that good.

Surprise storm looked good.
Dracula smoke and bat change looked average and was lame when returned.

Bloopers / Hidden things
Buffy’s bite mark switches sides when looking in the mirror.
The actual address of Buffy’s house is seen in the outside shot.
On the mantel in Dracula’s mansion is a water bottle.
Fire was not affected by rain.
Riley’s elbow moves between shots on the bed with Buffy.
Camera shielding visible before they unload the coffin.

Precursors / Continuity
The 12 pounds reference was a crossover with the comic book where the Dracula destroyed the book Spike bought for Drusilla.
Storm breaking up the carefree couples is a precursor to them never being fully that way again with their partners.
Joyce is unaware that Willow and Tara are a couple.
Riley living in Sunnydale a couple of years means the initiative was present a couple of seasons of the show.
Funny syphilis is what Xander got in episode “Pangs”
Dawn first appears.

That Dracula got dusted.

Jelly donut transition after blood sucking.

Interesting points or facts
In Australia this was the Ep 4 cliffhanger.
SMG and Rudolf Martin appeared on All my children.
Rudolf also later appeared in Dark Prince a movie about the true story of dracula.
Buffy encounters Dracula again in the comics.
The original scripted ending was “He jumps out of the window, changes himself into a wolf and lopes into the dark woods.”.
The original script was just another vampire who rode a horse and was all cool.
Cut scene
Dracula: “I know intimately what it is to be different. Human, but not quite… Of the world but still an outsider… You see? We understand each other. Both of us are born of darkness, masters in the art of death-”
Buffy: “No. Hold it. Enough with the darkness. I’m born of Joyce, pal.”
French title – Buffy against Dracula.
Freddie Prinze Jr was originally meant to play dracula.

I liked how quickly they established the scoobies in the beach scene and how human they are afraid of getting wet.
Why did Buffy snap out of being enthralled just by sucking his blood. Was she faking earlier and was deliberately doing it to drink his blood to discover herself.
So what happened after the end, wouldn’t the watcher be more responsible about finding a way to permanently defeat Dracula. Do they at least follow him to make sure he gets on a boat back to where he came from.

Why wouldn’t Spike or Angelus track down this power that Dracula uses here?

Why wouldn’t the 3 sisters split up and take Riley and Giles.


Buffy finds herself pitted against the legendary Prince of Darkness, Count Dracula.


Two vampires, dusted by Buffy
Two movers, killed by Dracula
Dracula, ‘dusted’ by Buffy.


buffy revisited blog episode 79

7 April 2015

Restless Show Notes Theme Inner demons. This episode lays out the personal baggage and feelings that each of the gang keep private from the others. Buffy’s inner demon “the first” was awoken by the gang and is attacking them through their own until Buffy takes it’s power away by confirming that these thoughts can be […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 78

31 March 2015

Primeval Show Notes Theme Irony, Civilians saved soldiers, Spike helped unite the gang, Upgraded Buffy made from parts defeated Adam, despite Adams thirst for knowledge his ignorance was his weakness, the least threatening appearance being the most dangerous. Share your feelings and love to strengthen your bond. Government plans have a track record of being […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 77

24 March 2015

The Yoko Factor Show Notes Theme Moral and how important it is to preserve and how fragile it is whether a group of friends or an army. How drama seems inconsequential when lives are being lost. Metaphor – Male ego and how delicate it is when someone questions inadequacy and how a gun fills that […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 76

17 March 2015

New Moon Rising Show Notes Theme Keeping things from your partner and others and the complications or strain it can place on your relationship.(willow/tara, buffy/riley, riley/initiative) If you leave then you must be prepared to have nothing (oz/willow and riley/initiative). Honesty begins with your own acceptance. Metaphor – Loss of discipline in battle. Ego is […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 75

10 March 2015

Where the Wild Things Are Show Notes Theme This episode is against sexual repression. Sexuality has evolved over the decades and people still need to find the balance between being uptight and hung up on it and being flippant and inattentive to it. Victims of abuse and repression can carry those issues forever. A relationship […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 74

3 February 2015

Superstar Show Notes Theme Are you what people remember you to be. This episode explores the correlation between memory and identity. You can’t cut corners to earning respect. Metaphor – Fantasy comes at a price. Living your life may bring you pain but it’s better than living a fake life. Initial thoughts – Good exploit […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 73

27 January 2015

Who Are You Show Notes Theme Are you the way you are because of how people treat you. Metaphor – Discovering what you are and what you can become. (Faith and Spike) Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes (Buffy and Faith). Witch magic is a metaphor for sex again. Initial thoughts – So much […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 72

20 January 2015

This Years Girl Show Notes Theme Having no place and facing a new life and what it will drive you to. Spike is unaffected and over it, Riley is torn in two, Faith spirals to madness to resist having to confront her fate. Metaphor – Breaking from family. Initial thoughts – Seems to be mainly […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 71

13 January 2015

Goodbye Iowa Show Notes Theme Judging is all about how people see you and once they change they can never go back so say goodbye to their old image of you. Being judged for your actions (spike for running with the gang, the gang for harbouring Hostile 17, buffy by the riley and the demons […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 70

3 November 2014

The I in Team Show Notes Theme Fitting in and how you should relish it, adapt with it, protect it, respect it, have patience and fight for it if you have found somewhere where you do fit in. Underestimating what people are capable of. Don’t assume your feelings (respect or being impressed) are being reciprocated. […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 69

20 October 2014

A new man Show Notes Theme Demons should not be judged instantly for execution. How fragile male ego is and how feelings of inadequacy can affect their judgement. Grown men can also feel hurt from being left out and make poor decisions. People who are different should make an effort to assimilate into society. Drinking […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 68

13 October 2014

Doomed Show Notes Theme Feelings of Doom. Overwhelming fear of inevitable pain or loss. Everyone with the apolcalypse, Buffy with her relationship, Spike with his depression. Moving on (from high school, Angel, Drew, being a big bad, nerdy past, generally their baggage. Adjusting puts the doomed feelings in perspective. Metaphor – Apocalyspe was the metaphor […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 67

29 September 2014

Hush Show Notes Theme Keeping quite about things or your feelings or not openly displaying them. (Buffy/Riley , Xander/Anya) Being in denial about things or feelings (Willow/Girls and Olivia/Dangers). Being aware of your own and others’ subtext and the true meaning or message of the words (Prof Walsh’s Comminucation/Language speach). Metaphor – Fairy tales and […]

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buffy revisited podcast episode 66

22 September 2014

Something Blue Show Notes Theme Denying sadness can lead to overreaction or loss of control resulting in alienating friends causing further isolation and grief. Careful what you “will” for. Metaphor – Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue Initial thoughts – Similar to last episode with a lot of laughs but really just […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 65

15 September 2014

Pangs Show Notes Theme Longing for a past and attempting to return to it will lead to anguish, if you accept reality you will move forward. Buffy trying to relive the past thanksgivings, Angel, Spike, Willow and the spirit all wanting to return to a time in the past. Feeling guilty from your hypocrisy. How […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 64

8 September 2014

The Initiative Show Notes Theme Things aren’t always what they appear, feelings may not be what they seem. All the training, preparation and ability to follow through doesn’t help much when love is involved. Metaphor – The chip signifies castration and the ability to reform through the use of it. Initial thoughts – Liked how […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 63

25 August 2014

Wild at Heart Show Notes Theme Trust your instincts and don’t hide your concerns from the ones you love. Understand what you are and what you are capable of and address the situation do not deny it. Metaphor – You can let the animal take over if you take less and less responsibility for your […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 62

4 August 2014

Beer Bad Show Notes Theme Most young people overdo it with alcohol at first and live to regret it. You may hate someone but you would still save them from being killed. Before you get over someone you may daydream/fantasise about some perfect scenario where you get the power back. Alcohol can turn anyone into […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 61

21 July 2014

Fear, Itself Show Notes Theme Facing your fears. Xander getting no attention and losing touch with Buffy and Willow who are moving on with college life not noticing him missing, Oz that he can’t control the wolf, Buffy that her friends will be hurt and she drives me away, Willow that she won’t be taken […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 60

14 July 2014

The Harsh Light of Day Show Notes Theme Feeling sorry or ashamed about something in the morning when you are thinking clearly and calmly without the emotions you had the night before. The unforgiving reality of sunshine revealing the flaws in you thinking. Even the strongest, most confident people make mistakes and can be especially […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 59

23 June 2014

Living Conditions Show Notes Theme Examination of the line between neurosis and instinct while tapping in on the comedy of deliberately or accidentally antagonising someone. Passive aggression is obvious and pathetic. The gang believe that Buffy is a loose cannon and at any moment she could go off the deep end. Boundaries are invisible and […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 58

16 June 2014

The Freshman Show Notes Theme Change can be daunting, lonely and uncomfortable until you adjust to it and find peace with it. If you are have too good of a time you may not notice nearby suffering of others. Don’t quit overcome, find your confidence and be careful not to be drawn into a cause […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 57

16 April 2014

Graduation Day Part Two Show Notes Theme This episode is about saying farewell to some characters and the school and sets up for a fresh start for the characters in a new setting and for some on a new show. Initial thoughts – Suffered a lot with time mainly due to the CGI but also […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 56

31 March 2014

Graduation Day Part One Show Notes Theme Graduation is all about ascending and becoming something greater once you farewell your student identity. Buffy completes her Council learnings, and Faith completes her Mayoral teachings to become evil. Angel is also stepping out into the world having to discover things for himself. Graduation brings out a group […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 55

17 March 2014

The Prom Show Notes Theme Unexpected things happen and people surprise you sometimes. If you embrace something lame you may be surprised that you like it. Initial thoughts – Very touching scene with the protector award. Baddies – Tucker couldn’t get a prom date so he raised hellhounds that eat brains. Buffy – Knowing that […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 54

10 March 2014

Choices Show Notes Theme Choices about your future and what you base them on and the Gangs eventual choice to stay and slay. Mayor points out a choice that Angel hadn’t previously considered. Choice about saving your friend or the world. Initial thoughts – Nothing wow to this but a solid heist episode, with some […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 53

26 February 2014

Earshot Show Notes Theme Everyone is insecure. The biggest pain goes unnoticed. Thousands of problems surround us within earshot so be aware of this and recognise the danger signs. Friends are crucial to wellbeing and general happiness. Problems can arise from passing judgement on people without the facts and problems also come from too many […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 52

12 February 2014

Enemies Show Notes Theme People who act crazy, self-reliant and tough often are faking so you don’t realise they are cowards, lonely and weak. If you are crazy then you don’t need to be brave because you deny the fear and become a performer for what needs to be done to detach yourself from the […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 51

3 February 2014

Doppelgangland Show Notes Theme Emotional control. Willow controls her emotions to much and is therefor a pushover and still a virgin. She is on the verge of trying to find a tougher more confident and honest version of herself. She denies angry feelings toward faith and her lust etc but why not embrace it. If […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 50

30 December 2013

Consequences Show Notes Theme The path you take when you don’t face the consequences of your actions. Contradictions in how we interpret things based on the amount of guilt you are prepared to accept at that time. Despite your best and varying efforts to reach someone, sometimes fate/circumstances will prevent any help from being received. […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 49

16 December 2013

Bad Girls Show Notes Theme Adrenaline Junkies and the dangers of infatuation. The status quo can change as people and things change at the drop of a hat. Metaphor for a shared drug use. Initial thoughts – Liked the exploration of collateral damage with Human killed by mistake. Like how it follows on from last […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 48

9 December 2013

The Zeppo Show Notes Theme Desire to be cool and finding your mojo. You don’t have to buy/wear something or join a group you just have to believe in yourself. You don’t need recognition if you know the truth. The “not easy being the normal one in group of superheros” thing is a metaphor for […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 47

2 December 2013

Helpless Show Notes Theme Dangers of following tradition (Giles). The hurt that can come from not following tradition (Buffy’s Dad). Fathers and father figures can let you down so you need to have thick skin. How helpless and empty we feel without love. Underlying theme of how worthless a soldier is and that those in […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 46

4 November 2013

Gingerbread Show Notes Theme Innocent people are harmed when mob mentality takes over. Harm that can come from peoples rights being taken away. Harm that can come from avoiding people that you are awkward with. Harm that censorship can do. Dangers of being part of a fringe element. Dangers of assuming that you are acting […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 45

28 October 2013

Amends Show Notes Theme It is sometimes impossible to make amends for your past but if you try then it is sometimes possible. Christmas is a time for forgiveness and acceptance then miracles can happen. Initial thoughts – Lost a lot on the re-watch due to slow pacing. Introduced the possibility of a higher power […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 44

21 October 2013

The Wish Show Notes Theme Careful what you wish for, you don’t get what you wish for. Vengence clouds your judgement as you forget any good that person may have done and sometimes blame people that are not responsible. Dealing with reputation of being dumped. We are what our friends make us. Introduction episode for […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 43

14 October 2013

Lovers Walk Show Notes Theme Breakups (Angel and Buffy)(Xander and Cordy)and infidelity (Willow and Xander). Loneliness (Spike seeks company when visiting Joyce). Pity is a weakness (Buffy and Angel take pity on the drunken love-struck Spike). Initial thoughts – Don’t realise how much you miss Spike until he makes an impact again like this. Love […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 42

30 September 2013

Revelations Show Notes Theme Obvious revelation of Post being evil, and playing with the revelation of other secrets on the show. More specifically it highlights the weakness that comes from being defensive when you are reacting to something hidden of yours being exposed or when being called out for breaking the rules. Buffy doesn’t properly […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 41

22 September 2013

Bandy Candy Show Notes Theme Responsibility. Buffy starts episode being dragged through her responsibility doing the SAT, trying to get out of it when her pencil breaks (throwing it a Giles also, complaining about working late). She is watched like a hawk by Joyce and Giles who are policing that she meets her commitments. (Giles […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 40

16 September 2013

Homecoming Show Notes Theme This is episode is about accepting what and who you are or where your opportunities have taken you. Cordy having joined the gang is clinging to the last thing that previously defined her – her popularity. Buffy feels that the non-slayer version of her is almost completely gone and so tries […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 39

19 August 2013

Beauty and the Beasts Show Notes Theme Abusive relationships and how victims cope and react. Men having inner beasts. Metaphor for alcohol changing someone permanently who eventually acts violently or with paranoia with or without alcohol. Underlying reference to smoking being bad. Pratt – refers to victims or attackers acting out of loss of control […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 38

12 August 2013

Faith Hope and Trick Show Notes Theme Trauma recovery or facing the past through sharing your experience will require you to drop your guard but you will be better for it. Distracting yourself with bravado will not work at crunch time. The importance of having support. Faith openly craves a father and mother figure (Giles […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 37

3 August 2013

Dead Mans Party Show Notes Theme Sometimes you can’t just put the whole thing behind you and get back to normal. The consequences and fallout that comes from making major or bad decisions. The different points of view and hurt feelings between family and friends in the group. Despite not agreeing or always liking each […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 36

11 July 2013

Anne Show Notes Theme Identity, the life of the runaway, how easily they can become victims, how they are searching for something or don’t know how to take care of themselves. How worthless they feel and how asking for help becomes mandatory and common for them, they don’t know how to live without reliance on […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 35

19 May 2013

Becoming Part 2 Show Notes Theme Buffy is becoming someone willing to sacrifice and team up with evil to win, but she never does again, choices, the gift and lies my parents told me all have her choose the apocalypse before sacrificing. Ultimately to “lose herself” will mean to lose her innocence. whistler got angel […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 34

12 May 2013

Becoming Part 1 Show Notes Theme – To make a difference or have a purpose you have to become somebody, a lesson that liam could’ve used before becoming angelus and a lesson angelus is drawing upon to explain his changed intentions at this time. – Buffy became a better person as a slayer, origin of […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 33

5 May 2013

Go Fish Show Notes Theme – Athletes that use steroids ruin their bodies – Special treatment and unfairness of it – Importance of teamwork, pressure and competitiveness of sport – Winners get special treatment because that’s how the world works – Bad side effect of “school spirit” or anything fanatical – The team investigate it […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 32

26 April 2013

I Only Have Eyes for You Show Notes Theme – forgiveness is something to be understood love is forever Characters Buffy – sad repressed and alone separated from friends having a good time, feels guilt over the loss of angels souls, loved him and felt responsible for what happened to him, learns to forgive herself […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 31

20 April 2013

Killed by Death Show Notes Theme Being tactful is dishonest and can fail to address something or lead an investigation the wrong way through denial. Characters Monster – sucks the life out of kids and only they and people with fever can see him No Spike or Drew or Oz Angel – really just a […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 30

24 March 2013

Passion Show Notes Theme – Human emotions revenge, anger, fear ,sadness, passion – So long as vampires have passion then they are not truly dead – Did buffy regret being with angel as she said or just everything that came of it? Characters Angel – ups the stakes still keeping mindgames also, does reasonable sketches, […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 29

24 March 2013

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered Show Notes Theme Popularity (xander, cordy, oz) exclusion is mean (cordy,spike and cordy’s acceptance by buffy and willow), popularity is not what you want, consider timing of breakups Characters New characters – Harmony New locations – Xanders room Angel – once nailed a puppy to something, live is a state of […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 28

6 March 2013

Phases Show Notes Theme Accepting of someones choice (realising that they are not going through a phase but have decided what they want), willow accepting cordy by befriending her, xander not accepting willow and oz, buffy accepting her own choice not to kill angel, gay guy accepting it, Characters Buffy – realises that her decision […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 27

15 February 2013

Innocence Show Notes Theme Dealing with the loss of innocence perceived in the one you love, ange, joyce, and giles reaction to buffy, willows reaction to xander, oz’s non-reaction to willow, giles’ reaction to jenny, spike and drus glee at angel, jenny realising she is not innocent, Characters Buffy – does the walk of shame […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 26

10 February 2013

Surprise Show Notes Theme Losing virginity, kissing picks up where it left off, shows how comfortable teenagers can become about sex once one of them have it, two parties are going on one for the good guys one for the bad guys. Characters Oz – introduced Jenny – exposed Buffy – deflowered Xander – rejected […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 25

2 February 2013

Bad Eggs Show Notes Theme Parenting, fear of being attacked in sleep, or something hidden in room, Plot summary – pre-prehistoric parasite living beneath school takes control of people to spread its race Characters New characters – no spike, drew or jenny, cowboy vamp brothers made their name massacring a mexican village (par for the […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 24

15 January 2013

Ted Show Notes Theme Adults kiss too, listen to your daughter, don’t trust people who seem too nice, step fathers impact on families, evil can come in any form, Characters Buffy – can still be intimidated, faced with untouchable enemy, goes undercover to investigate, not believed, thinks that she committed murder and owns up to […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 23

5 January 2013

Whats my line part 2 Show Notes Theme Dangers of seeing things in black and white, do it by the book is not always fair, jealousy vying for attention, Characters Buffy – realises that Kendra is example of slayer who respects their calling, obeys and seeks orders from watcher, potentially very dangerous, considers letting kendra […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 22

16 December 2012

Whats my line part 1 Show Notes Theme See next episode Characters Buffy – believes/reminded that her future is moot, starts distracted(xander), then grumpy(angel), then argumentative(giles), didn’t feel safe going home went to sleep at angels, Willow – wants to know about her future, Xander – sceptical about test, bolder against authority, Spike – frustrated […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 21

27 November 2012

The Dark Age Show Notes Theme Don’t judge people by their appearance, everyone has a history, you can’t escape your past, gang gained respect for giles apreciating how hard his job is when they had to do it themselves for once. Characters Giles – having premonitions this time, slightly annoyed at gang not being serious […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 20

24 November 2012

Lie to me Show Notes Theme – when is it ok to lie, how some people prefer to be lied to because they can’t face the truth ignorance is bliss, – good guys aren’t all good bad guys aren’t all bad – angel hero/champion was killer, dru creepy merciless was innocent, ford old friend willing […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 19

18 November 2012

Halloween Show Notes Theme Revealing your inner self – willow is shy but has a take charge interior, xander is goofy but then kicks ass, buffy is action girl but vulnerable inside, giles revealing darker side mirrors the costumes Characters New characters – ethan New locations – magic shop Buffy – feels threatened and not […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 18

3 November 2012

Reptile Boy Show Notes Theme Allegories of date-rape, spiked drinks and not judging people by their appearances, anti drinking anti frat party, misogyny, secret society, even buffy not immune to peer pressure, or even vulnerable and naive to a premeditated predator monster – delta zeta kappa and machida Characters Buffy – lies to avoid duties, […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 17

28 October 2012

Inca Mummy Girl Theme Difficulties of being a teenager in another culture, complications of inviting stranger to live with your famile, change things by protecting not attacking, villain has tragic background, parallels buffy and loves xander. Regular Characters New characters – oz, jonathan, devon, no angel, vamps or jenny, cordettes are back but no harmony […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 16

18 October 2012

School Hard Show Notes Theme No discernible theme Characters New characters – spike, drusilla, emo chick, fish bowl Buffy – under pressure, worlds coliding, life threatened, resembles mum, saved by mum, juggling school and social life, Willow – dances with others, saves cordy with statue, Xander – dancing loser, teams with angel, Giles – confirms […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 15

14 October 2012

Some Assembly Required Show Notes Theme – Not moving on after loss (mum and cordy), – science can’t replace god – brothers love and to look after him the way he did Characters Baddy – Bride of Frankenstein Buffy – off her game at start (couldn’t find stake) but does notice tracks, facing repurcussions of […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 14

8 October 2012

When She Was Bad Show Notes Theme What happens if you don’t face your fears properly Characters new characters – all killed Buffy – distant, cold, angry, untrusting, puts them in danger, leads xander on, tortures vampire, visibly shaken when burned vampire, post-traumatic stress disorder, willow – still wants xander, stands up to buffy’s attitude […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 12

16 June 2012

Prophecy Girl Show Notes Theme prophesies have loopholes and are sometimes fulfilled when you try to avoid them Characters buffy – rejects the idea of dying and wants to quit, eventually accepts her fate, dies 1st time, bitten by vamp 1st time, master – underestimates the loopholes of prophecies, has bad breath, leaves bones behind, […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 11

11 June 2012

Out of Mind Out of Sight Show Notes Theme Popularity “anger of outcast in society” Characters Buffy – can be cut by cordy’s insults still, out of the loop with history of cordy, willow and xander, wanted to be may queen, envious of cordies dress and helpers, willow – notices men in black xander – […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 10

2 June 2012

Nightmares Show Notes Theme Facing your fears, children resorting to fantasy to escape from harsh reality Characters no angel, no jenny, new characters – kid, wendell, kiddy league coach, hank, new locations – basement buffy – afraid of dad not loving her, becoming a vampire, exams, buried alive, seemed like she had been previously let […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 9

29 May 2012

The Puppet Show Show Notes Theme Switcheroo storyline with false leads and cheesy plot but light, funny, poetic justice, ramafications, poked fun at themselves, introduced the option of a normal serial killer being culprit, seemed to explore creepy side of performing arts (freakshow) Characters no angel or master or vampires new characters – schnider – […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 8

20 May 2012

I robot, you jane Show Notes Theme Danger of online dating, cutting, computers affecting school, danger of falling in love, harm/help of computers influence, power of the written word, BEING MESMERISED Characters baddy – malcolm demon stored in book read into internet takes robot form lures with love, power and knowledge new characters – jane […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 7

13 May 2012

Angel Show Notes Theme Origin Story Loving someone you shouldn’t, love someone who loves someone else, or love someone who used to love you Tempting angel to feed was a metaphor for drugs “just say yes” Characters Darla – good teaser, history with angel, Angel – 240 years old, family dead, killed 100’s, sired by […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 6

6 May 2012

The Pack Show Notes Theme Bullying, cruelty of teenagers in groups, covering for em Characters – no cordy, master, angel or vamps, new – pack Buffy – still affected by bullying at the start – not immune Willow – shows that she’s afraid of authority figures (uniforms) with “nobody’s going in there” comment. Fears getting […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 5

29 April 2012

Never Kill a Boy on the First Date Show Notes Theme Falseness of popularity, they build untrue expectations of people annointed one – kid borba – psycotic murderer became vampire owen – heartthrob, turned out to be loser, buffy – experiences teenage crush, deals with letting down giles, 1st of series of losers she is […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 4

22 April 2012

Teachers Pet Show Notes Theme Predators can take any form and prey on the vulnerable, pressure of losing your virginity. Strong moral of the episode is “achieving when you put your mind to it” Characters Buffy – deals with the loss of someone who believes in her becomes leader delegating, knows when to cut giles […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 3

9 April 2012

Witch Show Notes Theme The theme was about parenting and kids and expectations and ambitions. Had metaphors about dealing with unrequited love, broken families, imperfect parents, people in different circumstances, pushy folks, parents fulfilling their goals through their kids, reliving glory, amy dealing with failure, kids having interests and ambitions. Characters new characters – amy […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 2

9 April 2012

The Harvest Show Notes Theme Mmetaphor of Jesse becoming a vampires and raving to Xander about how great it is was like drugs and peer pressure. Characters new characters – none Buffy – looks gumby in fighting stance like woman running Zander – show how brave he is Willow – tries to be helpful but […]

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buffy revisited blog episode 1

25 March 2012

Welcome to the hellmouth Show Notes Theme Introduction to the show. Characters new characters – refer blog for thomas, chris boal CSI NY,and aura first impressions Buffy – very short skirt, high boots, brown hair, not immune from humiliation as shown waving at the bronze, has premonitions, a lot of pressure. Zander – bumbling, slapstick […]

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buffy revisited podcast introduction

10 March 2012

Welcome to the buffyrevisited podcast introduction. Each podcast is a review of each episode of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show. The basic format of the show is that I read a synopsis from imdb and discuss aspects of the show with a guest who is a giant fan of TV show. The purpose […]

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