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Episode 28: Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered

It's Valentine's Day, but Cordelia and Xander's romance has hit a bad patch, since Cordelia is losing status as Head Bitchqueen of Sunnydale High. Desperate to remain popular, she dumps Xander, even though she still loves him. Xander spies Amy Madison use magic to avoid doing homework, so he blackmails her into casting a love spell on Cordelia, so he can dump her to make her feel as bad as he does. However, the spell backfires, and every woman in Sunnydale except Cordelia falls madly in love with Xander—and we do mean madly. Buffy, Joyce, Willow, Jenny, Drusilla and every other woman, including Amy herself, fight amongst themselves for Xander's attention, with Amy turning Buffy into a rat to eliminate some of the competition. Xander runs away to Buffy's house, and is seconds away from being killed by the love-crazed horde, when Giles finally manages to break the spell. Cordelia decides Xander is worth putting up with the catcalls from the rest of the school, and they get back together.

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Willow: Don't be so jumpy. I've been in your bed before.

Xander: Yeah. But, Will, we were both in footy pajamas.

Willow: Xand, I've been thinking.

Xander: Will, I think I know what you've been thinking. But this is all my fault. I cast a spell and it sort of backfired.

Willow: How long have we been friends?

Xander: A long, long time. Too long to do anything that might change that now.

Willow: But friendships change all the time. People grow apart. They grow closer.

Xander: This is good. How close we are now. I feel very comfortable with this amount of closeness. In fact I could even back up a few paces and still be happy. (Backs up a step) See?

Willow: I want you, Xander . . . to be my first.

Xander: Baseman. Please tell me we're talking baseball.

Willow: Shh. (Backing Xander against a door) We both know it's right. (Begins kissing his neck)

Xander: It's not that I don't find you sexy.

Willow: Is it Oz? Don't worry about him. He's sweet, but he's not you.

Xander: Yes he is. And you should go to him . . .'cause he's me. (Willow responds by kissing his ear) I—I—I don't want to use force.

Willow: Mmm, force is okay.


During the opening scene, Buffy and Xander and shooting the breeze about relationships, when set upon by Vampires. The scene takes place next to one of the ridiculous amounts of Mausoleum's in Sunnydale. What's the name given on the top of the Mausoleum?

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The blu ray box set already 😭😭😭 the 1080 release they did for tv and that they had on Netflix for a while had many problems but if they would just fix those issues and give us a damn blu ray set it would make my life ❤️ also ps give us Angel too !

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So we had talks about this whole upcoming apocalypse, but how did the 'normal' people know about this and thus leave Sunnydale? This was probably mentioned but I forgot.. i just wondered how did they know that there were no real people in Sunnydale when the hellmouth was closed.

Also another question: why did they go in and kill all the Turok-han, when the seal was closed anyway? with the tears of Andrew, the active energy was gone too. so in theory the Turok-Han could've stayed there forever without making any trouble, right?

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This is just a little oddity I found amusing and pretty cool. I bought the novels based on the show from the very early days (point of fact they actually helped improve my reading as a kid) so I've always kept an eye on the book series - well, as long as they were being published, anyway.

I came across a few titles that I was unaware of, that seemed to be based on specific episodes, and looked different from the regular novels.

Turns out Scholastic UK published a few ELT (English Language Teaching) books for use in schools, to help foreign language students learn English, and for kids who struggle with reading, based on 'I Robot, You Jane', 'Inca Mummy Girl', and 'Halloween.'

They're written in a very simplistic, easy to understand way like children's books - more based on the episodes rather than novelizations of the scripts - with stills from the show to provide illustrations. And they use British spelling. I've never actually seen the books themselves, but via online searching I found you can read sample chapters of the books and look at teaching resources, such as Q&A sheets and lesson ideas I presume would be used in classes.

I know there've been numerous Buffy based lectures and things at universities and colleges, but imagine being in regular school and getting to read books based on the show in English for reading lessons. I was a kid when the show was first airing so I would've loved it haha! If only they'd done it then instead of in 2005.

Just thought it was an interesting little curio, to see the show used like this for educational purposes.

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I did a google search for Buffy forums and this appears to be the most popular and well established one. I have read through the rules page and am quite happy with the values and general ethos of the site. I have yet to become a member but will post my username here when I do.

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