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This website is one of the online sources I use and I can’t remember which podcast but I do mention it from time to time when discussing a topic or point of view raised by Mikelangelo or in the discussion comment pages on the site. The number of comments (around 50 per episode) on this site is as impressive as the length of time the discussion has gone on for with comments dating back to 2006. Many insights are to be found here.

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So I thought for completeness I had better include a Facebook link so I typed into google “buffy facebook page” and discovered that it has over 1.5 Million likes. Wow. That deserves a feed link also.

I am relatively new to reditt but did notice recently that there is a dedicated buffy subreditt for fans.

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I just discovered this subreddit so bear with me if this has been asked before.

I always come back to this episode regardless of wether or not I'm in a rewatch cycle. Everytime I see it I come away with an opinion diffrent from my previous view. First off, I get how this episode is at it's core Buffy finally coming to terms with doing the hardest thing in the world by choosing to live in it.

Most counter arguments to "Mental Buffy" being the true reality relate to the existence of the Angel program. In Angel, characters that have never interacted with Buffy speak and interact with those from the Buffy program. The insinuation being that characters from both exist outside of any of the supposed Slayer's delusions.

Then the final scene rolls. A dead eyed Buffy,staring past concerned loved ones and medical professionals slumps against her padded cell, seemingly succumbing to her illness. Buffy is comatose,gone. "We lost her," the doctor explains to her tearful parents. My question is what reality does a very much alive Joyce, a father attentive to Buffy and a completely new character in the psychiatric doctor live in? "Slayer Buffy" has returned to Sunnydale. If "Slayer Buffy's" reality is the real one then how can we see the doctor and Buffy's parents outside her "delusion"? If "Mental Buffy" is not the real protagonist in this story why include this scene at all?

(Been a Redditor for over two months and never bothered to look for a Buffy subreddit. Figured if one did exist it'd be dead as a door nail. Nice to see a sub dedicated to the show that's this active.)

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Okay, so I’m having a really rough mental health day and could do with something lighthearted to cheer me up, and this community is always so lovely... thought you’d appreciate my silly little hypothetical.

As the title suggests, you can date one person from the Buffyverse, who do you pick?

I’ve gotta say Spike. My 9 year old self (or just me for most of my life) would be disappointed if I said otherwise. He’s gorgeous, British, has the best dress sense and totally meets the cliche bad boy stereotype - aka, perfect!

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I did a google search for Buffy forums and this appears to be the most popular and well established one. I have read through the rules page and am quite happy with the values and general ethos of the site. I have yet to become a member but will post my username here when I do.

This is a link to my google plus community.

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